Make the most of female talent with Velocity

Velocity helps women overcome their in-built constraints to aim higher and achieve more in their careers.

Tackle unconscious bias at work

Refocus will help you recognise unconscious bias and take steps to minimise its consequences and negative impact in the workplace.

Accelerate your career development

Accelerate will guide you through your personal development journey, helping you to understand yourself, your skills and qualities. Identify where you want to go and take deliberate steps to achieve your objectives. 

For an object to reach ‘escape velocity’ where it will break free of the gravitational pull of the Earth, it has to reach a speed of 25020 mph. 

The programme theme is constructed around this concept to motivate participants to look at their career trajectory and journey, understand what factors might hold them back, identify the goals they want to aim for and plan to reach their own ‘success velocity’.

Refocus aims to refocus your attention and thinking on unconscious bias. No matter how fair and unbiased we strive to be, as human beings we are influenced by our unconscious and instinctive thoughts and feelings.

Our behaviour towards other people and the decisions we make are therefore likely to be subject to these unconscious biases.

Focusing on your personal development is key to achieving career success. Accelerate will guide you through your personal development journey, helping you to understand yourself, your skills, attributes and qualities, to identify where you want to reach and take deliberate steps to move you closer to your objectives.

Undertaking the Accelerate programme will enable you to extend your capacity and discover greater potential.

Sarah Frame

Managing Director

Green Onyx

Green Onyx is dedicated to helping people develop and achieve their full potential

We provide a range of personal and professional development programmes designed to help individuals and organisations maximise opportunities in the workplace, strive to achieve equality and achieve business success.


Some of our clients..
Client feedback

Sarah’s innate ability to motivate and move others along with her expert mentoring and vast experience in coaching and development, puts her in a unique position to help support those who want to develop themselves.

Alison James

Customised Solutions Manager, Pearson Qualifications Int.

Sarah provided sensitive feedback that brought clarity and gave me confidence to reinforce and build new skills. By listening and understanding me first, Sarah crucially provided me with the insight and tools to problem solve and help me progress.

Amanda Thompson

HEI Relationship Manager, Student Loan Company

As a working mother with three young children, I very much need the professional support of other woman who will understand my conflicting priorities. I have learned and developed greatly from Sarah’s mentoring and find her a really inspiring woman – you will too!

Michelle Robb

Head of Quality Assurance and Student Experience, ICS Ltd

Through her own experiences and her careful and considered mentoring, Sarah taught me that most things are possible if you want them badly enough and are prepared to work for them, recognising and accepting that there are sometimes huge challenges and sacrifices along the way.

Ruth Ding

Product Manager, Chartered Management Institute

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