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Sarah Frame

Sarah Frame

Managing Director

Green Onyx was founded by Sarah Frame, a highly experienced professional in online and distance learning and Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute.

Sarah has worked in senior positions with large American corporations, UK universities and distance learning providers where she has gained in-depth experience about learning and coaching from all angles.Many will have enjoyed listening to Sarah speak and present at leading conferences on a variety of online learning topics and also on her personal interest in helping women develop their careers. Sarah is currently Partner Support Director for Higher Ed Partnerships UK, an Online Programme Management company which works with UK Universities to expand their online provision.

Sarah is passionate about motivating and supporting women to maximise their potential borne out of her experience of many years as a working mum with five children! She is now keen to do whatever she can to develop and support women as they seek to manage the often conflicting demands of work, family and leisure and build successful careers.

Sarah Robins-Hobden

Sarah Robins-Hobden

Co-author of Velocity Programme

Sarah is a training designer, coach, and facilitator, specialising in the psychological underpinnings of behaviour. In practice, this means she creates bespoke programmes to help people understand themselves, communicate with others, and make better choices: personally and professionally. She works with individuals, teams and groups in diverse roles at universities and in the public sector.  Sarah wholeheartedly believes that it’s never to late to learn something new, and this belief carries over into her practice. She is a Chartered Psychologist, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and member of the British Psychological Society’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology.

Sarah Frame is a valuable addition to our network of professional, specialist trainers, having succeeded in passing our intensive pass/fail five day training and assessment process. We were so impressed with her standard of presentation and delivery, that we then contracted her as a guest speaker and a workshop leader at our international trainers conference. In addition, we commissioned her to research and advise us in the use of e-learning materials to enhance our standard course delivery.

Liz Willis OBE

Joint Chief Executive, The Springboard Consultancy Ltd

Sarah ensures that the customer’s needs are met regarding cost and quality and never quits despite typical project challenges, until the product that you want is the one that you get. She is a very strategic thinker and prioritises fair value between her business and yours. She also is able to setup project teams that reflect her high values.

Robert Bruce Kydd

Chief Advisor, Human Performance Dept, Eskom

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