What are you doing to tackle unconscious bias at work?

No matter how fair and unbiased we strive to be, as human beings we are influenced by our unconscious and instinctive thoughts and feelings.

Our behaviour towards other people and the decisions we make are often subject to these unconscious biases.

Refocus will help you to recognise unconscious bias and take steps to minimise its consequences and negative impact in the workplace.

Refocus puts the attention back on unconscious bias.

The Refocus programme helps organisations tackle unconscious bias with scalable, affordable, effective online training.

There are three key themes

  • Recognise when and where unconscious bias is most likely to happen
  • Understand why our brain works the way it does and what we can do to combat this
  • Apply practical techniques that can help minimise the effects of unconscious bias

Refocus contains 7 interactive online learning topics

How the mind works

We’ll look at the underlying psychological mechanisms that lead to unconscious bias.

Social bias

How do biases affect the way we interact with others?

Self bias

What other types of bias affect our decisions?

Bias, power and agency

Research has shown that just being aware of bias isn’t enough: it doesn’t lead to any real change in our behaviour. We need to take action.

The impact of unconscious bias

What effects does bias have in the workplace?

Practical tools and techniques

What can you do to reduce the impact of bias on your own behaviour and work?

Personal action planning

Build a practical plan that you can use to start making changes.

Each topic is full of relevant contextual examples with references, activities, discussion opportunities and additional resources

Refocus was developed by Green Onyx in collaboration with subject matter experts Kat Jennings and Umar Taj

Kat Jennings

Kat Jennings

Kat is a researcher specialising in behaviour change and decision-making. Kat has worked with many companies on behaviour change both inside organisations and amongst the general public. She has worked with a wide range of clients including Transport for London, Public Health England, the British Medical Journal, GSMA and Girl Effect. She holds a MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from UCL. Kat is currently a Director of the Talking Taboos Foundation a charity that seeks to bring topics that are absent from everyday conversation into the public eye.

Umar Taj

Umar Taj

Umar is a Doctoral Researcher in the Behavioural Science Group at Warwick Business School and founder of Nudgeathon – a crowdsourcing behaviour change platform. His latest work has led to the development of a behavioural insights solution for organisations, which systematically identifies barriers to behaviour change and leads the user to develop interventions to overcome those barriers. His solution has recently been branded by WIN/Gallup International worldwide. Alongside research, Umar has been working as a behavioural consultant for Gallup over the last three years and has been involved in projects with World Bank, UNDP, USAID and DFID. He holds an MSc in Decision Science from London School of Economics and Political Science.

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