Developing career confidence, skills and strength for women at work


The Velocity programme equips women with skills and confidence to develop themselves and reach their full potential.  


Velocity helps women overcome their in-built constraints to aim higher and achieve more than they otherwise would.


Velocity supports women to succeed in the workplace and helps participants to experience personal growth they can apply in every context.

Escape velocity is 25020 mph

This is the speed an object must reach to break free of the gravitational pull of the Earth.

The Velocity programme theme will motivate you to look at your career trajectory and journey to success velocity.

Velocity will help you answer fundamental questions like 

  • Where do you need to focus your energies to achieve ‘success velocity’ in your career?
  • What are the ‘pulls’ on you? What limits you in achieving the level of success you want to achieve?
  • What will fuel you for the journey? What motivates you? What energises you?
  • How will you maintain the appropriate velocity – too fast and you burn out; too slow and you fall back!
  • What are the rewards you will enjoy when you succeed?

Velocity contains five interactive online learning modules

The programme has been carefully crafted to ensure that each module prepares you for the next, taking you on a journey from increased self-knowledge to applying that in your work with others and equipping you for the future.


Understanding yourself and how you operate is the first step to maximising success and handling obstacles. In this module you will discover and articulate your core values, skills, strengths and motivations.

Managing Yourself

Managing yourself is key to designing your personal strategy and plans for achieving your professional goals. In this module, you will uncover how your values, strengths and motivations influence the choices you make in managing yourself and your objectives.

Working with Others

Authority may be granted, but leadership is earned. Now you have a greater understanding of your personal resources, goals and strategies, the next step is to excel in your interactions with others. In this module you will learn the power of assertive behaviour and how to put it into practice.

Achieving your Potential

This module is all about you surpassing your perceived limitations and boundaries. The resources here will arm you with the tools to think creatively and practically about your current and future potential.

Maintaining Success

Building on the previous modules, you will set up and implement the strategies and support that you need  to sustain your development journey. You will define and create the conditions necessary for you to operate at your peak in pursuit of your goals, without burning out or falling back

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