Achieving success velocity

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 – an online and social learning programme to help you develop and reach your full potential 

• Where do you want to reach? Aim high but set goals and a speed to attain them which are achievable and won’t burn you out

• Where do you need to focus your energies to achieve ‘success velocity’ in your career?

• What are the ‘pulls’ on you? What limits you in achieving the level of success you want to achieve?

• What will fuel you for the journey? What motivates you? What energises you?

• What are the obstacles you will face en route? What are the risks?

• How will you maintain the appropriate velocity – too fast and you burn out; too slow and you fall back!

• What are the rewards you will enjoy when you succeed?


Topics include –

• Find your courage; build your confidence

• Developing authenticity

• Developing resilience

• Assertive behaviour and communications

• Negotiating and influencing

• Resolving conflict

• Leading from any position

• Imagineering your future

• Navigating change

• Creativity in problem solving

• Promoting your best self

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