Discover how Springboard tackles the gender equality gap

The Springboard programme enables employers to develop staff to their fullest potential. It is quick and easy to implement and provides a key component in any Diversity and/or gender initiatives. Women from all levels and walks of life have benefited from the programme. It has now been used by over 230,000 women in over 30 countries.

Check out these videos and find out what some of the country’s leading learning professionals think about the Springboard women’s empowerment courses and how they worked for both them and their organisations.

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Helen IvoryHelen Ivory, Springboard trainer at Cumbria Police

Helen describes the benefits of using the Springboard programme within Cumbria Police. There was a real need to do more to develop women police officers and support their progression into promoted posts. After taking a Springboard programme, women are keen to take on more responsibility and put themselves forward for promotion. This benefits the organisation massively because they then have a bigger talent pool to choose from.



Cathy ToddCathy Todd, Springboard trainer at Exeter University

Cathy talks about her own reasons for becoming a Springboard trainer and about the experiences of using Springboard at Exeter University. She underlines the benefits from having a mix of academic, professional and support services staff on the Springboard programmes at Exeter. This mix of women from different areas removes the normal hierarchy, enables issues to be explored and creates a useful space for women to develop.



Kay ClementsKay Clements, Inclusion and Project Manager, Royal Mail

Having already had 700 participants on the programme, Kay explains how Royal Mail aimed to put an additional 1000 women through Springboard in just 12 months! Kay says that women leave the Springboard programme absolutely enthused!  Royal Mail implemented a mentoring scheme using senior women to provide follow on support to Springboard participants.



Marie McStayMarie McStay, Springboard trainer in Ireland

Marie describes why her corporate clients use Springboard. These organisations recognise that investing in such a constructive and positive programme which builds up the individual is actually an investment in the business itself. One client organisation used Springboard to support staff through a period of significant change. Several years later, when women promoted during this period were profiled – all had been on a Springboard programme.