Sprint is the groundbreaking new development programme designed specifically to address the study and career issues for undergraduate women. Originally developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, and most recently with the University of Oxford , both universities have contributed greatly to the new Sprint programme.

Built on pioneering work carried out by University of Cambridge, Sprint has been further developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford. It has been developed to help to close the pay-gap between men and women and end the disparity.

Who is it designed for ?

Sprint is designed for undergraduate women of all ages, from all backgrounds, ages and stages in their lives and study.

What is in the programme?

Delivered in a flexible format, to accommodate academic terms and study pressures, the Sprint programme consists of the following:

• A comprehensive folder, including all the material for the programme
• Additional online learning tools
• Four action-packed one-day workshops
• The provision of real, relevant and inspiring role models
• The encouragement of effective networks within the group
• Opportunities to engage with any corporate sponsors, to provide coaching and/or work shadowing opportunities

What results can I expect?

For universities, a Sprint programme adds value to the overall student experience at university, improves employability, and helps to ensure that each undergraduate has the best possible chance to develop to her full potential.

For participants, the results will depend on the objectives that each woman sets for herself on the first workshop. They tend to fall under three headings:

Study: Many women focus on their studies at university, achieving results such as improved visibility and effectiveness in tutorials, better time management, less study stress, a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Career: Many women use Sprint to sharpen their career goals, raise their aspirations, explore possibilities and to take advantage of the work shadowing and coaching often offered by corporate sponsors.

Personal: Other women achieve results in their personal lives, such as sorting out difficult relationships, improving fitness and gaining a better study/life balance.

In practice, most participants achieve a mixture of all three categories of results through their experience of Sprint.