“With a genuine, visible interest and passion in helping others to progress and succeed, not only in their careers but in their lives, Sarah Frame truly is an exceptional individual and coaching professional.

Sarah’s innate ability to motivate and move others along with her expert mentoring and vast experience in coaching and development, puts her in a unique position to help support those who want to develop themselves.

An empowering personality that I have every confidence in recommending to others who are looking to make positive changes, advancements and improvements in their careers and personal development.”

Alison James
Customised Solutions Manager
Pearson Qualifications International

“Sarah provided sensitive feedback that brought clarity and gave me confidence to reinforce and build new skills. By listening and understanding me first, Sarah crucially provided me with the insight and tools to problem solve and help me progress. Her attitude is one of pure professionalism wrapped up in a compassionate and caring nature. She guides in a firm but fare and caring manner. She has an uncanny knack of knowing when to push and when to let the person figure out problems for themselves. I am grateful to Sarah for the example that she set to me early on in my career and she remains an inspiration”

Amanda Thomson
HEI Relationship Manager
Student Loans Company

“I had the good fortune to work with Sarah Frame at the early stages in my career. Everyone needs a role model when they’re starting out and Sarah modelled for me the key attributes of a great business woman! Sarah’s support and encouragement helped me to continually advance on my skills, meaning that my confidence grew in valuing myself and my abilities, which are really important aspects to being successful in business and skills that woman often find difficult to embrace.

As a working mother with three young children, I very much need the professional support of other woman who will understand my conflicting priorities. Sarah’s wisdom will be invaluable to any woman who wants succeed on her own terms. I have learned and developed greatly from Sarah’s mentoring and find her a really inspiring woman – you will too!”

Michelle Robb
Head of Quality Assurance & Student Experience

“Sarah is the most supportive and inspiring person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is understanding of your personal situation and doesn’t make you feel like you’re not committed to work just because you have to juggle your family too. She nurtured and developed my skill set, all the while making me feel more valued than I have ever felt before”

Joanna Stollery
Sales Support Officer
Toolwire Ltd

I worked with Sarah for over 2 years. I was more or less straight out of University and very green when it came to business. Within a short space of time I learnt an incredible amount from Sarah, not just about business, but about being a successful woman in business, balancing work with all the other things life throws at you. Through her own experiences and her careful and considered mentoring, Sarah taught me that most things are possible if you want them badly enough and are prepared to work for them, recognising and accepting that there are sometimes huge challenges and sacrifices along the way. Now working full time as a senior manager with a young family, I am enormously grateful for the advice, experiences and opportunities that Sarah gave me. Empowering women to follow their aspirations and face challenges with strength, wisdom and practicality is something that I know Sarah is fully committed and suited to.

Ruth Ding
Product Manager – Accreditation and Consultancy
Chartered Management Institute